Clean Room

Facilities & Manufacturing

From prototype to commercial production, Conductive Technologies’ (CTI) state-of-the-art design and production facilities are ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certified to ensure the highest quality and tightest tolerances that are demanded by the industries we serve. Our integrated manufacturing includes high-volume automated printing systems, environmentally controlled cleanroom production and assembly, optical inspection stations and automated packaging. These processes streamline production for lower costs and excellent quality and yields.

Our production capabilities and equipment include:

  • Clean rooms
  • Environmentally controlled rooms
  • High-speed, pin-point precise multi-color presses
  • Advanced, ultra-accurate, vision-system guided die-cutting
  • Pick and place robotic assembly
  • Digital proofing and prototypes
  • Laser etching, cutting, and ablation
  • Reagent deposition
  • Automated, custom packaging solutions

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CTI’s research and development team is comprised of PhD chemists, scientists, engineers and experienced technicians who collaborate with clients to develop reagent formulations tailored for each application. Our facilities are equipped with complete reagent scale-up capabilities for micro-deposition or screen-printing production.

Our labs also feature:

  • Extensive analytical characterization and process instrumentation for reagent formulation and measurement
  • Multichannel electrochemical workstations
  • Type 1 RODI water system

Environmental Controls

CTI’s building management system provides complete flexibility for controlling the conditions of our manufacturing environments.  CTI’s production rooms are equipped for temperature studies ranging from 4C to 40C.  Our humidity-controlled manufacturing rooms may be adjusted for low (<5% Rh) and high (>70% Rh) conditions as needed for our customers’ applications.  Sensitive reagents and chemicals are stored in rooms with adjustable temperatures ranging from -80◦C to 4◦C.  Additionally, our production ovens temperatures range from 21C (room temperature) to 60C.

Clean Room

CTI’s class 10,000/ISO-7 rated clean room encompasses 1,800 square feet of production space featuring environmental controls for humidity, temperature and airflow with established contamination control systems. Clean room production space is dedicated to our assembly, inspection and packaging station processes.


CTI is fully ISO 9001-2015, ISO 13485-2016 and EN ISO13485-2016 compliant in support of our quality commitment to clients, including the specialized needs of the medical device industry.   Our processes are thoughtfully designed with rigorous document controls based on a GMP framework across all our operations. We are committed to continuous improvement – we execute process controls, Six Sigma and lean manufacturing methodologies to foster an environment dedicated to on-going improvement.