Electrochemical Sensor Production Capabilities

Conductive Technology (CTI) vertically integrates each manufacturing process to create custom electrochemical biosensors with repeatable precision unmatched in the market. Our core capabilities in the production of electrochemical sensors include:

Printing conductive and non-conductive inks onto substrates to form electrodes:

  • Sheet-fed, large-format, screen-printing presses (hand-fed and automated)
  • Substrates are registered using edge alignment
  • Automated presses utilize optical detection for registration
  • Inks are cured either by UV light or heat

Reagent deposition over an electrode:

  • Printing or microdeposition from a positive-displacement pump
  • Environmentally-controlled rooms for applications that require high or low humidity
  • Low-temperature oven curing
  • Select reagent development is available

Conversion of electrode arrays into individual sensors:

  • Pressure-sensitive and heat-sealable adhesive lamination with print options
  • Embossing or die-cutting to form structures
  • Cutting operations include lasers, optically-aligned presses, non-assisted punch presses, and slitting
  • Laser ablative techniques coupled with printing

Packaging solutions:

  • Final excision of sensors using laser cutting, die cutting or slitting
  • Finished are packaged in bottle formats
  • Vacuum-sealing options for larger sensor applications