ESD/RFI Shielding

Conductive Technologies (CTI) is an innovator of discrete, stand-alone RFI/EMI shielding technology that is widely used today. Our family of shielding structures includes both independent and switch-integrated protective RFI/EMI shields to guard against digital interference while grounding vagrant electro-static charges. Attenuating both incoming and outgoing RFI, switch integrated systems also serve as grounding paths for ESD discharges.

Features of CTI shielding technology:

  • Flexible structures – CTI’s RFI shields may be folded, creased, crimped and shaped as discrete attenuating envelopes for sources of electronic noise
  • Shields may be configured as total keyboard shields or as shields within an entire system framework.
  • Shielding structures eliminate common problems such as pinholes, skips, voids and air entrapment
  • Available in a wide range of substrate materials


Materials Gauge Description Shielding Effectiveness in Decibels (dB)
Name     30kHz 5mHz 10mHz 100mHz 1000mHz
MSD 4 5 Mil / (.126mm) Clear Polyester/Printed Conductor (1) 76 dB 70 dB 69 dB 70 dB 65 dB
MSD 6 5 Mil / (.126mm) Clear Polyester/Printed Silver/Carbon Blend (2) 64 dB 58 dB 58 dB 58 dB 58 dB
AL 807 3 Mil / (.076mm) “Dead-Soft” Aluminum/Acrylic Adhesive 80 dB 70 db 67 dB 56 dB 52 dB
  1. MSD-4 is a patented product of Topflight Coporation (1987)
  2. ESD Material