Tactile Characteristics

Electromechanical & Tactile Characteristics

Precision engineering and ergonomic innovations from CTI enhance the human mechanical interface with aesthetics, efficiency and ease of use.

Conductive Technologies’ (CTI’s) Tridome membrane switch interfacing system enhances the human mechanical interface to assure maximum operational ease, confidence and efficiency.

Each signal-generating switch event is confirmed by our proprietary embedded Tridome tactile response mechanism. The Tridome system is mounted beneath the faceplate key surface to provide a range of confirming counter pressures while offering greater durability.

Other ergonomic innovations:

  • Embossing of key surfaces, perimeters, logos, legends, and raised Braille characters to facilitate compliance with laws for the vision-impaired
  • Curved switches to conform to cabinetry and hinged to provide multi-level arrays and displays
  • Increased key size for effective use with gloves or protective gear


Non-Tactile Characteristics

Baseline electrical & mechanical characteristics Include:
Rated Voltage 3-VDC
Rated Current 100 mA
Contact Resistance Typically less than 50 ohms(varies with length of trace)
Open Circuit Resistance 106 ohms
Breakdown Voltage to Ground 100 VDC
Contact Bounce Less than 10 millisconds
Contact Materials Silver to silver
Cycles 10 million @ 20 VDC, 30 mA
Actuation Force 5 oz to 9 oz
Switch Capacitance 20 pf
Temperature (Storage-Operating) -40°C (-40°F) to +66°C (+150°F)

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Conductive Technologies’ switches allow maximum design potential for decorative surface graphics, shielding and tactile response requirements.

Tactile Characteristics

Dome Type Diameter Operating Force Life Expectancy*
td1 .350″ 10.5± 2oz. 2,000,000 Minimum
td3M .440″ 12± 2oz. 2,000,000 Minimum
td4L .500″ 8± 2oz. 2,000,000 Minimum
td4M .500″ 12± 2oz. 2,000,000 Minimum
td4H .500″ 16± 2oz. 2,000,000 Minimum
Rated current/voltage:
(integral dome)
(non-integral dome)
10mA @24VDC into resistive load
100mA @30VDC into resistive load **
Contact Resistance MOS,TTL,DTL compatible
Breakdown voltage Over 250 volts
Contact bounce:
(integral dome)
(non-integral dome)
Less than 20 milliseconds
**Less than 5 milliseconds
Operating temperature -40°F to 150°F
Storage temperature -40°F to 150°F
Humidity 0-98% (no condensation)
Surface profiles available Flat or embossed to spec
Panel surface materials available See Materials
Other temperature ranges upon request
* Continuous operation at 220 closures per minute
** 100 ma @30vdc construction available with TD3, TD4

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