interactive termination

Interactive Termination

Conductive Technologies (CTI) provides a wide range of termination possibilities for our membrane switch technology.  The most common standard is the CTI conductive ink printed switch tail that may be designed to exit the switch matrix or the peripheral diversion.

Common connections:

  • 0.100″ CTR-CTR DuPont® “clincher”
  • Tyco Electronics® “multiple-crimp” connectors
  • AMP, BERG, or Nicomatic multi-crimp connectors

Common interconnectors:

  • 0.050″ or 0.100″ CTR-CTR
  • PC board-mounted
  • Slide-in (ZIF connector)
  • Pressure connectors
  • Elastomeric® “zebra-strip” connectors
  • “Z-axis-only” conductive adhesives

This wide range of connection possibilities along with Conductive Technologies’ tail preparation capabilities address nearly any requirement for saving space and costs.

conn1_Lg .100” (2.54mm) Clincher Receptacle Connector [FCI]
conn2_Lg .100” (2.54mm) Clincher Pin Connector [FCI]
conn3_Lg .100” (2.54mm) Centerline Single Row Receptable Latch Housing [Tyco]
conn4_Lg .100” (2.54mm) Centerline Double Row Receptable Housing [Tyco]
conn5_Lg .100” (2.54mm) Centerline Single Row Receptable Housing [Tyco]
conn6_Lg .100” (2.54mm) Centerline Single Row Pin Housing [Tyco]
conn7_Lg CIC Tail used in ZIP & LIF Connectors – Slide in .050 centers