uv hard coating and texturing

UV Hard Coating & Texturing

Conductive Technologies (CTI) offers options for enhancing membrane switch faceplate interface aesthetics and functionality through a range of surface finishes and treatments.

Membrane switch faceplate surface finishes and materials:

  • Matte, high-gloss and a selection of textures
  • Several finishes may be applied to the same part for special effects, i.e., velvet finish for nameplate and glossy clear lenses
  • Vinyl, polycarbonate, polyester and similar plastic substrates
Standard Textures Available
Name Description
TF 100 Clear Matte Finish Coat †
TF 150 High Gloss Clear Finish Coat
TF 175 Clear Velvet Finish Coat
TF 200 Clear Matte Textured Finish Coat
TF 250 Clear Coarse Textured Finish Coat


NOTE: The finishes to be expected from each coating are a function of duration and intensity of exposure to UV light. A wider variety of finishes is available through special order. Both nitrogen and non-nitrogen systems are available depending upon application.

Click Here for Test Results of Conductive Technologies UV Cured Clear Hard Coatings: TF 100, TF 150, TF200, TF 250