Microtiter Plate Circuitry

Conductive Technologies offers expertise in prototyping, production and final assembly of circuitry for microtiter plate assemblies through the integration of a printed or ablated electrode arrays to a bottomless microtiter plates. Connection to individual wells is achieved through edge connection for low-density assemblies or backside contact pads connecting device electrodes using a through-hole printed circuitry. CTI offers several methods for reagent deposition to electrodes as needed for each application. We also provide packaged assemblies for distribution and contract gamma sterilization services for printed electronics.

Specifications for printed circuitry:

Bottomless Microtiter Formats

  • SBS 24-well, 96-well and 384-well structures
  • Custom formats including 8-well structure

Materials for Bottomless Microtiter Formats

  • Polycarbonate, polystyrene, COC
  • Polyethylene, polypropylene

Adhesive Systems

  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive, die-cut or laser-cut
  • UV-cured adhesive depending upon well format material

Electrode Array Formats

  • Printed electrodes for electrochemical assays
  • Laser-etched or ablated metal electrodes
  • Hybrid printed/laser-processed arrays

Instrument Connection to Microtiter Assemblies

  • Backside bond pads for spring-loaded pins
  • Edge connection for low-density assemblies

Reagent Deposition

  • Surface activation using plasma treatment
  • Small-volume reagent application


  • Primary packaging using heat-sealed formats
  • Secondary packaging including labeling for distribution
  • Contracted gamma-sterilization in secondary packaging

As a leading global developer and manufacturer of printed circuitry, our services enhance the design and functionality of products for many different industries including: medical devices/equipment, industrial manufacturing equipment and electronic gaming.

With 65 years of experience, Conductive Technologies Inc., can provide comprehensive contract research/development, prototyping and manufacturing services to meet all of your needs.  Contact us today to discuss the specifications of your printed electronics project.  Click here to request a quote.