PTC Flexible Heaters

Conductive Technologies’ printed flexible heaters are constructed using several elements including positive-temperature-coefficient (PTC) technology for delivering heat.

These constructions may be designed to operate in a steady state or limiting modes to achieve temperatures up to 80°C by allowing the heater to draw a small amount of current at a fixed potential. The current draw at the onset of heating is typically a few microamperes, but as the heater approaches equilibrium, the current requirement is diminished to a level that is necessary to maintain the limiting temperature.

Critical parameters for flexible PTC heater construction and heating element manufacturing:

  • Physical and chemical characteristics of the electrodes and the applied voltage
  • Heater traces can be deposited using standard screen-printing techniques in a wide range of thickness
  • As the deposit thickness increases, its resistance decreases and the observed temperature decreases
  • Electrode spacing as small as 250 microns (0.010″) can be achieved with typical spacings in the range of 0.75-1.5 mm
  • Heating temperatures at a fixed potential increase as the electrode spacing decreases
  • The temperature response as function of applied potential is always positive
  • Applied voltages are usually in the range of 3-12 VDC
  • Substrates are typically PET in the range of 0.125-0.356 mm and can be applied to glass and various other materials.


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As a leading global developer and manufacturer of heating elements, our services enhance the design and functionality of products for many different industries including: medical devices/laboratory equipment, industrial manufacturing equipment and electronic gaming.

With 65 years of experience, Conductive Technologies Inc., can provide comprehensive contract research/development, prototyping and manufacturing services to meet all of your needs.  Contact us today to discuss the manufacturing specifications for your flexible PTC heater project.  Click here to request a quote.