Printing Process

Conductive Technologies (CTI) offers high-definition capabilities for achieving exact printing and application methodologies of conductive and non-conductive inks, reagents and adhesives. These proven capabilities position CTI as a global leader in the development and production of membrane switches, electrochemical sensors and printed circuitry applications. All substrates are processed only in sheet form to maintain excellent print-to-print and print-to-feature tolerances.

Our core printing features:

Silk screen printing:

  • In-house, vertically integrated film development, screen construction and production screen processing
  • Manual presses for prototype production
  • Semi-automatic press production for mid-level quantities
  • Automatic press capabilities for high commercial volume

Digital printing:

  • Color, UV digital-quality printing on a wide range of substrates including Lexan, polyester, vinyl, etc.
  • Photographic quality graphics as well as custom front surface texturing and hard coat, tinted windows, plus embossed features from a digital platform
  • Rapid prototyping of membrane switch panels and overlays, as well as packaging prototypes and rapid label production
  • Semi- rigid substrate offerings, maximum thickness 0.039 in. (1.0 mm)
  • Ability to¬†cut labels with contours, thus eliminating tooling cost