Research Developement

Research and Development

The primary focus of the innovative scientists, chemists and engineers at Conductive Technologies (CTI) is to assist customers with the product development and the cost-effective manufacturing of commercially viable electrochemical biosensors, membrane switches and printed circuitry. We accomplish this by applying more than 65 years of technical expertise, materials knowledge, methodologies, and processes in concert with our customers’ design concepts to push the boundaries of.

From project feasibility, to prototype and commercial scale-up, CTI employs a phase-gated process to guide the research and development efforts of each project.

Our R&D staff offers a breadth of expertise relating to:

As a leading global resource, we have put our research and development into practice by manufacturing electrochemical sensors, membrane switches and printed circuitry products for the following industries:

  • Healthcare/Medical
    • Medical devices
    • Laboratory equipment
    • Pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment
  • Industrial Manufacturing
    • Food service product/equipment
    • Automatic environment control (residential and commercial)
    • Instrument, measurement and display control equipment
  • Electronic Gaming

Conductive Technologies Inc., can provide comprehensive contract research, development and manufacturing services to meet all of your needs.  Contact us today to discuss the specifications of your electrochemical sensor, membrane switch or printed electronics project.  Click here for more information or to request a quote.