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Products Overview

Conductive Technologies (CTI) has been a leader in high volume manufacturing of electrochemical sensors for the medical device and institutional markets. CTI continues to be a key contract manufacturer of disposable glucose test strips and electrochemical sensors for a wide range of diagnostic tests. Our extensive capabilities uniquely position us to design and develop the next generation of disposable diagnostic biosensors, MPOCT (multiplexed point of care testing) sensors and wearables. The biosensors market is expected to experience a 9% compounded annual growth rate through 2022. This expansion has brought us a diverse set of clients with complex needs as well as suppliers offering unique combinations of inks and substrate materials. If you require a company experienced in the medical device market that offers design and development capabilities combined with expertise in ablation, deposition or fine line screen printing of conductive materials on various types of substrates, then CTI can ENABLE YOUR INNOVATION.